The Company

 RAHSARA is a versatile corporation active in the fields of different projects' execution, procurement and engineering commissions, as well. The company is categorized amongst the 1st.grade contracting companies in the country.



Our clients' attestations to the highest quality of the completed projects and dedication to the performance schedules are owed to the excellent management from the top in adapting scientific and standard methods and programming in execution. In long years of being in business, we have always employed well trained and competent technical staff and human resources plus the latest engineering know-how. The company has capitalized on all related hardwares and softwares while exploited indispensable machineries and equipments  needed for the projects.


 At a glance, the experience, knowledge and mastery of RAHSARA's executive domain could be listed as follows:

  • Design, execution and delivery of petroleum, and water pumping stations,

  • Design, execution and delivery of water and sewage treatment plants,

  • Completion of pipeline projects to supply water, oil and gas,

  • Design and execution of the automations and telemetric systems,

  • Construction of irrigation and drainage projects for agricultural purposes,

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of electrical switch boards and control panels,

  • Carrying out the lining and coating of interior and exterior surfaces of the steel pipes,

  • Doing all civil works,

  • All kinds of earth and soil works,

  • Procurement of all goods and equipments related to the projects,

  • Operation and maintenance of water treatment, transmitting and supplying facilities and installments. 


  RAHSARA has been granted some worthy international standard certificates including:

  • ISO 9001:2008 ( Quality Management Systems )

  • ISO 10006:2003 ( Quality Management Systems In Projects )

  • ISO 14001:2004 ( Environmental Management Systems )

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 ( Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series )

Besides among some other gratitudes and acknowledgement, RAHSARA has received the certificate for being "First Grade Contracting Company" within the widest ranges of its expertise from "The top Governmental Authorities. The company is a member of "Construction Companys' Society", "Water and Sewage Treatment Companys' Society", "Association of Water and Sewage Experts: and "Chamber of Commerce, Mining and Industry of IR".